Creating certainty when it comes to manifesting.

When it comes to manifesting we would all love the magic bullet and to be able to go from zero to hero in a very short period of time. The truth is when it comes to manifesting what we want, it takes effort to do the following: To do an inventory of your own energetic field. This involves monitoring your thoughts, words and energy of yourself and others around you and take actions to keep it in a high and expanded vibration. To retrain yourself to always look for the positive, even when times are tough. Why? It comes back to your vibration. If you’re in grief or lower energies then it can zap your ability to attract what you want. This isn’t to say that your feelings are the enemy. They are actually your closest allies and friends as they show you where you are out of alignment. Don’t get me wrong, if you experience grief or a massive loss it’s not about putting on a brave face and pretending everything is ok. That doesn’t work anyway because energy doesn’t lie. It’s about learning how to FEEL your feelings and process them instead of stopping or blocking them which …

How to use your intuition in 2018

First published in Now more than ever we are increasingly aware of the need and desire to live in light frequencies. What is a light frequency? Joy, Happiness, Bliss! If you are not currently experiencing these energies then it’s a process of awareness to start learning what is required to shift into these paradigms. You know on a soul level that this is possible as there is always a part of you that is nudging you, prodding you and calling to you to experience MORE. More freedom, pleasure and abundance! So how do we do this in a practical way? These 4 steps will help shift you into a space where it’s easier to access your intuitive guidance into 2018 and beyond. 1. Be as a child. Have you ever noticed that a child can cry one minute and then laugh the next? Children are so present that they don’t slip into the mindset of “this feeling is right/good” or “this feeling is wrong/bad”. That is, they don’t judge themselves; they just feel the feeling and let it move through them. Can you say the same? Do you love your anger, rage, jealousy as much as your happiness, pleasure …

Living Intuitively in a Rational World

In life, we see the focus on the rational mind consistently. In the modern world, the mind and intellect have been given the highest priority and in the process, we have lost our connection with so many things like the natural world and our ancient wisdom. It’s sad to see people being disconnected now more than ever from the world around them. We are living in the past or the future, not the NOW. Now is where life IS. Where there is space to connect to our infinite self and tune to the ancient wisdom that has been with us all along. How do we create this space for ourselves in a world full of noise and distraction?

pleasure yourself

The Power of Pleasure

Radiance You know when you see someone and they are just luminous? Filled with good energy? Attractive to the point where you just want to be around them because they look and feel so good? That is the power of pleasure. For me radiance isn’t another name for a skincare product, it’s all about being lit up from the inside. Not just in a “gosh isn’t that lovely” kind of way, but a full circuit of electricity, a full expression of light, illuminating others through the experience of deep pleasure. Yes, I’m talking about being turned on.

self love

Do you know yourself as love?

So many people feel separate from love. What if I told you that you ARE love already so you can never be separate from it? How would you start showing up, if you knew yourself as love? When you start to tune in intuitively you can see clearly that people are in varying degrees of fear or love. Does fear keep you from being open in love? Fear is contraction, and love is expansion. So the key then, is to be in love, all the time.